Devlog #8 - Crafting and Greenhouses


Unfortunately, I’ve spent the last week focusing on optimizing Dinkum. That means I haven’t got much to show off this time. I did manage to put in two new buildings though! There is the craftsman’s house and the greenhouse.

The craftsman’s house is home to Mark. He’s an expert craftsman and can build complex things that the player can’t. Not only will you need to bring him the materials, but you will have to pay him to build them. He’ll be open certain times of the day, so I hope this will make the player plan out their day.


I’ve been thinking that maybe he could hold a crafting class where you can learn his recipes. That way, the player can eventually learn all the recipes themselves. But we’ll see.

Next is the greenhouse, a gardening store run by Alex. I’ve set the gardening store to only be open 4 hours of a day, but once I have calendar days in the game I was thinking she would be open every second day or maybe just weekends.

The items she sells were previously available to John’s goods, but I felt like they needed their own shop. So, there are now 8 buildings in the game, including the players house and the mines.

I’m almost done with optimizing the performance (for now at least), so I’m hoping to have some more interesting things to show off next time.

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