Devlog #11 -Sprinklers and Stuff


There are sprinklers in Dinkum! I’ve also been playing around with a few other ideas that might not actually end up in the game.

Sprinklers can be crafted at the craftsman’s work shop from iron bars, quartz crystals and other easy to find items (as well as a fair bit off the moola). These can be used to water your crops automatically. I’ve made it so they only water the crops at the start of a new day, this was to prevent the player just moving the sprinkler around.

I am worried this is making crops way to easy of an option to make money. In fact, I need to look at the whole games economy. Between bugs, farming and fishing you can really rake it in. So maybe I need to make things more expensive to buy, or make things cheaper when selling.

Next up is character customization. The plan is to let the player customize their character throughout the game by buying clothes and items. However, at the start of the game you will be presented with the option to create your character.

The options are intentionally limited to begin with. There will be ample options to customize the character in the game itself. I want the player to seek out rare items, hair styles or eye colours that maybe their friends haven’t found.

Speaking of new items to wear. There are now facial accessories! I’m grouping these all together for now, these range from glasses to a mustache to a bandanna covering your mouth.

Cool guy wearing cool guy sun glasses.

Cool guy wearing cool guy sun glasses.

You might have noticed in the screen shot above the camera is not in its normal position. After optimizing a lot of old sluggish code, I decided that the game might run fast enough to try this out. So I freed up the camera so it feels like a traditional third person camera. I do like this angle a lot, although the game does take a performance hit from the view distance. Still undecided if I will keep it or not.

And finally, there are now craftable bombs. They can be made with fertilizer and other items, plus they are ultra expensive. If these items stay in the game they will mostly be used in the end game to help players make huge changes to their map. They do seem very over powered which is why I’m still not sure about leaving them in.

Well thanks for reading about the new things in my game and some other stuff that might not be added. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts about anything you’ve read here.

I’m going on holidays back to my home town for nearly two weeks, so there probably wont be a blog post for a little while. I should start posting again within the first two weeks of December.

Thanks for reading!

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