Devlog #2 - Building your town

In Dinkum you aren't just building your home, you will be building your town as well.

At the beginning of the game you will start with some other explorers that want to set up their homes and businesses. One of the first requests you will get is from John. John wants to open a shop and tasks you with finding and clearing some land to build on.

The land needs to be leveled and cleared before the deed can be placed.

For now placing the deed builds the shop immediately, but I'm planing to have a tent set up at first and then have the building built over a couple of days. I'm still undecided if the townsfolk will live inside their business or have their own house as well.

Once the shop is built, you will find that John will buy pretty much anything from you. Super weird. He even buys cockroaches and rocks?

With the money you make from selling the things you have gathered from out in the wild you can start to buy useful tools and machines that will help you make even more money and make the town even greater. 

Inside John's Shop

Inside John's Shop