Devlog #5 - Secret Metal


For a while now you could bury the fruit from the lime tree to grow another plant. I had the idea "What if you could bury any item?" 

To bury items you just drop them on the ground and place some dirt on top of the item. These items are stored on a separate map. So when there is no other object on the tile they are buried on (like a tree or a house) an invisible object is spawned signifying there is something buried under it. When the player digs this tile up, it checks the drop map and spawns the item. This worked great and I was pretty pleased.

Then I had another idea. A metal detector tool. This tool beeps intermittently until you hover it over a tile that has a secret buried item on it.

The map generator now spawns buried items all over the place when the map is generated. Although they are more common near rivers and deserts.

Speaking of rivers, I've also started playing around with the idea of rafts and boats.


For now there is just this basic raft. It can be crafted using palm tree logs. (That cool red box is a placeholder for the driving position) I mainly wanted players to use the raft to catch some of the ocean fish, which aren't near the shoreline as often as I would like. 

Players can drive the boat where they want and fish off the sides. I'm thinking about land vehicles now, but I'm not sure.

I also added this cactus!


You can pick the fruit off it or chop them down

Thanks for reading!

James Bendon1 Comment