Devlog #4 - Farming and Furniture

I've added farming to the game. Buy some seeds, pop them in the dirt and then add some water. Do this for a couple of days and... BAM! You will have yourself some fruit and vegetables. You can sell your crops at John's Goods and buy some more seeds or eat your crops to regain energy or other benefits. 

This is a great way to make money but requires a lot patience and energy. 

So far there are 4 different crops in the game. Cabbages, corn, carrots and sugarcane. There are also wild plants like bush limes shrubs and wattles that yield a crop every few days. If you pick a bush lime and bury it, it will sprout into a sapling and start growing a new shrub.

Fully grown crops

Fully grown crops

All the plants take a different amount of time to grow before they can be harvested and some can be harvested more than once.

I've also been working on the player's house. A house can be bought and placed anywhere on the map. Your house can be decorated and furnished.

One set of furniture. 

One set of furniture. 

I've added 5 sets of furniture as well as some other decorative items. Each set usually contains a bed, bedside table, table, chairs, sofa and a lamp. These items can be mixed and matched in any way.

I want the player to be able to make their home theirs both inside and out. I've started working on  some house customisation options, such as changing the walls and floors and adding more rooms.

There is also a furniture shop that rotates its stock every day.


I'm still working on the game full time so there are plenty of other small additions that I wont be posting about.

I'm going to try and post on here more often. I'm aiming for once every fortnight at least.