Devlog #7 - Clothes and NPCs


Two new buildings are in the game. HSKT is a clothing store (it’s a terrible name and is probably going to change) and I’m just calling the other building the post office for now.

There have been several sets of clothing in the game for a while but there was no way to obtain them without cheating. Now there’s a clothing shop!

HSKT (again, probably not keeping that name) is owned by Paige. She sells hats, shirts, pants and shoes. The stock is rotated daily so there is something new every day. The layout is pretty basic right now and doubles can appear on the same day, so there is a still a bit to do.

Oh, and did you notice there is another door upstairs? That’s another shop run by Paige’s brother, Charlie. I’ll talk about that shop in another blog post.


The post office is kind of the town hub. When people want to move to your town, they will apply for a deed here. It will be up to you to decide where the deed can be placed. They will build their homes or businesses where you place their deed.

Speaking of NPCs they now have their own routines!

No longer do they stand around all day waiting for you to talk to them. Now they can go shopping, go to work and sometimes they still stand around and wait for you to talk to them.

It’s actually made it a little annoying to test stuff because I can’t find them sometimes.

That’s about all this time. I have been doing the whole twitter thing too. I’ve been trying to tweet something at least once a day, so if you are absolutely fanging for more Dinkum information, follow me at

Here’s a tweet about the shark I’ve started working on

Thanks for reading.