Devlog #6 - Billabongs and Mining


Whats a billabong? It's kinda like a small lake without running water. Some people might call it stagnate water sitting in a gross hole in ground. It is.

Billabongs will now generate in the bush land bioms. Not only do they make for cute little land marks, you can also catch unique fish in them. Oh, and they have cute little lily pads growing in them.

I spent a lot of time adding a whole new underground area. It's just called the mines for now.

After building a mine entrance, you will be able to access the mines. Its spooky and dark and there isn't much down there yet. It's all randomly generated on a day by day basis, so its different every time you visit it. You can find ore and glowing mushrooms. ( You can eat the glowing mushrooms. But why would you?)

I really want the mines to be an interesting and dangerous place to visit, so I have plans for unique underground bioms, underground only bugs and some SPOOKY enemies.

You might have also noticed a different UI. Not only is there a mini-map in the top right, but you can see the whole "world" map in the menu.

The whole world map.

The whole world map.

The map can zoom out and in and shows your current location, the location of any other players in your world and other points of interest such as shops and buildings you have built.

As always there are a lot of little things I've changed and fixed that I can't remember right now, so I'll finish here.

Thanks for reading.