Devlog #15 - Growing Trees and Table Saws


I’ve been meaning to add so many of the things in this blog post for a long time. So, I’ve finally done it. Let’s start with the title stuff, shall we?

I’ve been trying to make myself play the game without cheating at least once a month. After playing a long session with my partner, she noticed that the forest where we had set up had become an empty field. It came to a point where I was forbidden from cutting down certain trees near our town.

Gum tree stages

Gum tree stages

To solve this, trees now have a chance of dropping seeds when you chop them down. There are unique seeds for each type of tree. They can be planted by dropping them in a hole and covering them with soil. Once they are planted they take 6 days to reach maturity.

Here is a gif of us destroying a forest.

Did you notice the table saw at the end of the last gif? Yep. That’s the second thing I wanted to show off. A lot of crafting recipes now require wood to be cut into planks first. I’ve got plans for other items to be cut here too, maybe quartz crystals, and other gems. (Oh, and there are some wooden paths and steps now too)

Another change that was well overdue - Buildings don’t pop up over night anymore. Now, when you place a deed, it can take 3 or 4 days for the building to be completed. You can slowly see the construction over the days. Next step is to add an NPC who will build all the buildings.

The jump to the final stage is kind of sudden, but once I have the building designs set in stone, I’ll give each stage a bit more extra detail in each step. For now, every building uses a very similar set up.

I realised that I’ve been neglecting 2 large areas of the map lately, underwater and under ground. I’m hoping I’ll be able to work on these areas over the next couple of weeks. For now, there is a new underwater biome filled with long seaweed and what this? Treasure?

I’ve also squashed what feels like 200 bugs over the last 2 weeks. Bug fixing always feels really good, but they don’t really make great devlogs. There is a bit more to show, but I’ll save some stuff for next time. Just in case I spend another 2 weeks squashing bugs.

Thanks for reading!

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