Devlog #17 - Chickens and Storms

Feeding chickens on a cold, foggy day.

Feeding chickens on a cold, foggy day.

Wow. It’s been a while, huh?. Don’t worry, I’ve still been busy working on Dinkum. Why don’t a share some stuff I’ve been working on with you?

Firstly let's talk about the weather. In the last devlog I talked about temperatures and climates that shift with the months. Now, different weather events can occur depending on the season

It can be windy, raining, stormy or foggy depending on the season. These weather events can cause different things to change in the world. For example, some bugs and fish will only appear on rainy days. Oh, and did I mention lightning? You’ll have to be careful in a storm, I hear it hurts if it hits you.

Now I’m excited to talk about a big addition to Dinkum - Farm animals! Or maybe I should phrase it as farm animal. There are now chickens in Dinkum!

Chickens are always a nice place to start. These ladies can be purchased at an NPC. You’ll need a coop to house them in before you can purchase one, so you’ll have to craft one of those first.

Once you purchase a chicken, a little baby chick will come out of the coop. The babies all look the same and take around 5 days to grow up into a full grown chook.

A wee lil baby chick.

A wee lil baby chick.

Once a chick is grown it will become one of the many types of chickens. There any difference between the different coloured chickens, though some colours are rarer than others.

The chickens need to be feed from a chicken feeder once a day, or they won't lay an egg. They can also get sick if they are not being kept care for properly. You can also pat them, because what kind of game doesn’t let you pat your chickens? A bad one.

As usual, I’ve done some optimizing as well. Though I won't go into detail, I will say the game runs faster!

I’m hoping next post I can show you at least 2 new types of animal that can be farmed (fingers crossed)

That’s about all, so thanks for reading. I’ll leave you with this clip of a motorbike that might end up in the game.