Devlog #18 - Milking Animals and Decorations

I’ve always known there were going to be farm animals in Dinkum. The plan was just the regular animals, chickens, cows, sheep and the like. Now I’ve kind of changed my mind. I wanted something that felt a bit more Australian.

That’s why there are now Vombats in the game. These are giant wombats that you’ll be able to acquire for your farm. The Vombats might look a little scary, but really they are sweethearts.

You’ll need a large animal stall to be able to buy one and a large animal feeder to feed them. If you feed them well, you’ll be able to milk them using a milking bucket. (Wombat milk isn’t weird is it?)

When you get a farm animal you won't be getting a fully grown adult, you’ll be getting a baby animal. You’ll have to raise to maturity before they start producing anything of value for you. That's ok because they are hella cute.


All the baby animals look the same for the most part, so you won’t be sure what kind of coloured animal you’ll get once it's fully grown.

I’ve also been doing a fair bit of playtesting with some friends, so I’ve made a lot of little changes and fixed a lot of bugs that I didn’t know about (who would have thought that the vehicles were falling through the world forever when you move underground to the mines).

I’ve buckled down on performance problems for a few days too. I do this pretty regularly but this time there were some big changes made. I combined a lot of meshes, I made some texture atlases, fixed a big problem with the UI to stop unnecessary redraws. But again, this stuff isn’t fun to write or read about so I won't talk about them in detail.

Hedge arch and flowerbeds to decorate your town.

Hedge arch and flowerbeds to decorate your town.

There are some new items for the town being introduced. I’m planning for villagers to request these sorts of items in the town, but they also let the player make their town feel different. I’m going to slowly add these kinds of objects from now on.

It’s been a bit of short blog post this time. Hope to have some big stuff to talk about next month though.

Thanks for reading.