Devlog #19 - Home Improvements


A big part of Dinkum is making your home your own. So I've been making some improvements to the player’s house.

First, I've remodeled the exterior of the houses. These new models are more modular, so different combinations allow for whole new looks. The windows, house edges, fences and the roofs can all be swapped out easily, so allowing the player to customise their house exterior is something I've been thinking about.

The new basic house.

The new basic house.

Speaking of customising the houses, you can now place flooring and wallpaper inside your house. These items will most likely be sold at the furniture store, but I’m thinking of some kind of home remodeling store in the future.

Another big change is house upgrading. If you visit the post office you can pay to have your home upgraded. So far there is only one upgrade available, but I plan to have at least 3 upgrades available to the player.

Player’s house after upgrade

Player’s house after upgrade

Upgrading the house also changes the exterior of the house too. Inside the player’s house was feeling a bit empty even with furniture, so I went to work on something I've been putting off for a long time - placing items on top of other items.

This was way harder to do than I originally thought. The way the house tiles are displayed is some really old code, so digging though it was tricky. Now you can place little nick-knacks on top of most surfaces in your house. I think it really fills out the room and makes if feel a lot more lived in.

This also inspired me to code some working clocks to place in your house. So be on the look out for them. It’s a little silly how proud I am about them.

Just a short one, I’m really trying to make these post more often again, but progress has been a little slow lately and I’ve been going away a bit the last two months. Hopefully I can show some more soon.

Thanks for reading!

James Bendon