Devlog # 20 - Museum and Mine-er changes


I’ve been hard at work this month. There is now a museum to collect and research all the wildlife on your island and I’ve started making some changes to how the mines are generated.

The museum is a new build that can be built in your town after meeting certain conditions. Once it has been built, you will be able to start donating fish, bugs and other things you find on your island to be put on display and researched. Here is the fish tank, where all the fish that have been donated are shown off.

The plan is to have you unlock new milestones once you donate a certain amount of objects. These might be unique tools, clothes and furniture. Not only that, but you get a place to show off all the great things you’ve collected throughout your game!

The mines are something I implemented months ago, but they were super basic and have needed fixing for a long time.


So I’ve spent quite a bit of time sprucing them up a bit. I’ve rewritten their generation and created some new walls that feel less square. The ore now spawns in little groups of the same type throughout the mines, so you’ll occasionally hit the jackpot.

I’ve always thought the glowing mushrooms looked cool, so I decided that some water with glowing plants in it would look nice too. You can pick and eat the mushrooms, but right now they just give back a bit of stamina. I’ve been thinking that maybe they should take make the player glow green for a while at the cost of a bit of health. I’m still thinking what the glowing water plants should do, but for now I think they at least create a nice mood.

I’ve also started working on little structures that can spawn underground. These will be locked off to the player unless they have found a key to open them. I was going to show one off here, but they aren’t ready yet. (You can kind of see one in the screenshot if you look close enough)

And that’s your blooming lot for now. As always, thanks for reading!

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