Devlog #9 - Pests and Fences


After spending a lot of time optimizing Dinkum during the last two weeks, I moved houses. This ended up being a much larger task then I was expecting. In the last two weeks, I’ve had maybe 4 or 5 days that I’ve actually worked on Dinkum.

One of the bigger changes I’ve made is how the building deeds are placed on the ground. Previously when the player was holding the deed the blueprint was always in front of the player. This made it very hard to line up the building where you wanted it. Now, when the deed is used, it now enters into a new deed placing mode.

The building can then be moved around independently from the player. This make it a heck of a lot easier to place a deed. I’m thinking about using the same system to place furniture in your houses, but I’m also thinking of a different way to do that.

There are now 3 new fencing options, these are cosmetic for now (except the lamp post, that one is a lamp), but some are easier to craft than others. I do have plans to make the fences deteriorate over time, but for now they all last forever. These different fences all connect to each other in any order. So they can be mixed and matched.

Lamp post, hedges, gates, brick fence and wooden fence.

Lamp post, hedges, gates, brick fence and wooden fence.

I want to make farming a bit harder and costly, so I’ve made fences and gates almost a necessity. Now, kangaroos will eat your crops if they aren’t fenced off properly! Oh no! Although you wont have to, you’re probably going to want to fence off your farms so the little buggers can’t eat your profits.

(The Roos can also poo now, I have plans for it to be used as fertilizer)

The rest of my time was spent making small changes here and there. I’ve made the fish and bug AI smarter, so they are harder to catch and will run away a bit more unpredictably. I’ve adjusted the selling price of all the fish and bugs due to this. I also changed the look of the bridges, changed some of the crafting recipes, changed the prices of all the crops, updated the mini map and made bridges visible on the map. Oh, and now tools will bounce off objects they can’t be used on instead of going straight though them.

There are probably a lot of other small things I can’t remember right now, but I’ll wrap it up. I’m all settled in to my new place and hopefully get back into a regular working pattern soon.

I hope I have more to show off next fortnight. Thanks for reading!

James BendonComment